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Some important questions you might ask when you are looking at Natural stone.

These questions will help insure that you get exactly what you want and a quality job that will last with time.

Q. Do they charge for onsite consultation, measuring for a quote, samples, design ideas?

A. SDF provides this service at no charge. Our professional sales staff will be glad to come to your home and consult with you on your needs and expectations. No high pressure,

Q. How do they makes templates for the countertop? or do they manually measure?

A. SDF uses a device called a Faro, The device basically is a digitizer used onsite that physically traces the front of the cabinets, walls and anything that will be touching your countertops, This information is sent to a laptop computer that is attached to the Faro. We are convinced this is the most accurate way to make templates. This helps to save time and recuts. If you are present during this process. you can actually see the room being traced on the laptop. It will trace every bump, angle and notch within 1/100 non an inch.

Q. Do they provide a detailed CAD drawing of you project for your approval, showing seams, sinks, Faucets, cooktops, curves, overhangs etc. prior to fabrication.

A. SDF provides this service at no additional charge. We can print, email or fax this info to you for approval. We can also print in large format (when requested) to help the customer visualize there job.

Q. Do they charge for custom fabricated round, oval or curved shaped kitchen countertops?

A. SDF provides this service at no additional charge. We will suggest custom shapes to help make your job unique/

Q. Do they encourage custom and special designs, to create a unique and personalized project.

A. Our Sales staff in very knowledgeable and experienced, they can help with color, design or anything to do with stone. We have a full time experienced CAD technician that can help you with any design ideas at no additional charge.

Q. Do they fabricate the countertops or do they have another company fabricate for them?

A. SDF  fabricates and installs every piece of stone we sell. We are a 100% self reliant company. We use no outside installer or fabricators. The really helps us provide the customer with a better service with no middle man.

Q. Do they give you the option to Inspect your material for approval prior to fabrication? If you don't like the slabs? will they let you choose others?

A. We provide this service at no additional charge. If you don't like the slabs, you can choose others. We would never put a customer in a position to use a material that they are not comfortable with.

Q. What basic edges do they offer with no additional charges?

A. SDF offers the following basic edges no additional charge: Full bullnose, 3/4 round, 1/4 round, 1/2 round, 1/8 round, flat.

Q. What custom edges do they offer?

A. SDF offers the following custom edges: Ogee bullnose, Waterfall, Ogee and many special order edges.

Q. Can they template your Cabinets with existing counter tops in place. Will you need to remove your existing countertops for templating. How long will you be without a working kitchen or bath?.

A. We are able to scan you cabinets with the existing counters in place. The existing counters can be removed 1 day prior to installing the new tops. In most cases you will be without a working kitchen for a couple of days.

Q. Do they require you to have your sinks, faucets and cooktops brought to them.

A. All we need is a model #. We usually have most model specification on file.

Q. How is there granite cut?

A. Our Water jet will use the scans made on your project and cut within 1/16 of an inch on all walls, angles, notches etc. Making a very accurate fit. This greatly reduces dust in the house. It also is better for your Natural stone because there is no heat or vibration to weaken the stone. There will be far fewer seams because we can cut any complex shape or size.

Q. How are the edges polished? machined, by hand, or both, If they hand polish the edges, will the edges be uniform and look like the machined edges? Will the edges look dull or hazy?

A. Our CNC's are the latest generation and produce the highest quality edges available today, All edges are very consistent and highly polished, straight or curved. No waxes used at SDF.

Q. How long have they been in the countertop business,

A. We are the oldest and largest in North-West Florida. We have 106 years of combined experience and have been in business for 22 years as a counter top fabricator.

Q. Is there a charge for sealing you counter tops.

A. SDF provides this service at no additional charge. All tops are sealed with premium sealer at our fabrication plant prior to installation.

Q. Will there be additional charges for drilling faucet holes, outlets. appliance cut outs,

A. SDF provides this service at no additional charge.

Q. Will they provide addition reinforcement on fragile areas such as undermount sinks?

A. Around fragile areas such a kitchen sinks, we use a 1/4" steel rod on the bottom side of the granite. this adds strength to the stone to prevent breakage.

Q. Why does Solid Design Fabricators inc. provide these services at no additional charge?

A. At Solid Design Fabricators Inc. we believe that these services should be included with all proposals offering high quality natural stone. We believe the customer has the right to know exactly what they are getting, Onsite consultation, material selection approval and detailed CAD drawings. We suggest that the customer always look at the bottom price, not all the extra charges that inflate a cheap advertised price. No hidden charges here at SDF!

Solid Design Fabricators Inc. is the only Natural Stone shop to offer all these services. We will match or beat any written quote from our competition.